Sunday, December 11, 2011

How a Princess makes Lemonade

Since we moved I’ve really done nothing more than complain about the new house. Sure, I put up a post about the things I actually like, but we’ve also made great strides in setting things up so we are able to live comfortably. Granted, much that has been done is temporary fixes, but after this weekend I’m feeling so much better about where we are and what’s ahead of us. Yes, that means I might not complain about this house in the near future. But that’s not a promise. It also means that I’ve taken the lemon that we bought and started to make lemonade.

Today, I washed the dining room windows, both inside and out. This means that when I sit in the kitchen now, I can look out those windows and see all the pretty trees around us, rather than the schmutz that covered the windows.

Don't mind the box on the table... look at those
sparkly windows!!

I would never say that I’m a fanatic about cleaning or even a neat freak (stop by unannounced and that will be easy to prove!), but the sparkly windows gave me a feeling of accomplishment and made me feel that I did something to start this house on its way to looking better.

I’ve complained about all the lighting being replaced with cheap crap. You can see an example here…

You can see the light on the far right. 

This was the first fixture we replaced, and now it looks like this…

I’ve complained about the lack of cabinet and closet space, but over the last few weeks, we’ve set up a few areas in the house that will make living nearly “closet free” more convenient.

The make-shift kitchen in the basement. The stuff on the
shelves is not alphabetized... Yikes. 

The "linen closet" set up in the Boom Boom Room. 

EN and Little Joe have been working hard, removing the interior door to the outside and replacing with a glass door, that too is beautiful, but I’m too lazy to get up to take a picture right now!

And so… we moved in just a few weeks ago, and we are actually getting somewhere. I’ve tentatively chosen tile and have another meeting with some kitchen people this week. I won’t have a completed kitchen for Christmas, but I’m hopeful that the hard part will be done by then… making the decisions on cabinets, counters, paint… We all know I hate to make decisions.

I walk through the house and finally, I can see for myself that it really will be beautiful someday. I  knew this when we first looked at this beast, but it was easy to forget when I was so frustrated, trying to find new places for our stuff. When I get really down, I just pop into The Closet Hopper and check out the little bunny, dutifully holding the toilet paper. Who wouldn’t laugh at that? 

She's doing a great job!
What's next? Oh, Christmas is in two weeks?! SHIT!

Ice Princess

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