Sunday, June 5, 2011

Triple Play

When you sign your kids up for activities like dance and ice skating there’s always a show at the end of the season. The lessons focus on learning new moves, but an equally important component is the practice for the all-important recital.

When we signed the girls up for their activities through this last school year, we had no idea that the dance and ice skating recitals would be on the same day. When the dates were announced we told Spice that she would need to choose only one recital to participate in. She chose ice skating and she let the dance instructor know. When I picked her up from daycare that day she told me that the dance instructor told her that she was “needed” for the show. That same message was replayed by the daycare owner as I walked out. I asked her for the show time and told her I would see if we could make it work. We got the times for both shows and decided that if the stars were in alignment, we could attend both. Yesterday was the big day.

The day started early with me running around the house attempting to get my three little ducklings organized and out the door. EN is not the best helper in the world when it comes to sticking to a schedule and getting somewhere ON TIME. I spent the morning screaming with my drill sergeant hat firmly in place.

The night before we had gone to a dress rehearsal for the skating show. Sugar’s coach gave me grief about Sugar having missed two practices. The routine had changed and Sugar had no idea what she was doing. Rather than calling her a stupid bitch and smacking her like I wanted to, I told her that I take my kids’ activities very seriously and she missed the practices for a very good reason. One practice was held the same day as my graduation and we didn’t know about the other practice until 1 ½ hours beforehand. She told me to have Sugar at the rink “by noon at the absolute latest” so she could practice more with her. I repeated “noon?” and she said, “at the ABSOLUTE LATEST.” I assumed that meant to be there even earlier.

We got to the rink around 11:20 and I was pissed to learn that the coach was busy doing other stuff and they weren’t even going to practice on the ice, they were just going to do the routine in the locker room before the show. I know these coaches put a lot into teaching the kids and I might have been less angry if I didn’t know that this woman once told someone we know in common that she didn’t realize that Sugar even had a mother. Now when I see her, steam comes out my ears. EN has always brought the girls to their skating lessons on Saturday morning because that’s when I did the bulk of my homework when I was in school. Whoever would have thought that would make Sugar and Spice look like “motherless children.”

The skating recital started on time and was fantastic. Sugar performed her routine like she’s known it for months. Spice skated with her serious “don’t look at me and don’t scream my name” face. It makes me tremendously proud to see them do so well, especially because I can barely skate. What I really liked about this show is that they allowed the kids to stand along the glass and watch the entire thing. In many cases the kids are kept backstage or in locker rooms and don’t get to see what else goes on.

When the show was over we bolted to the car and barely left the rink when we were in a car accident. We barely felt the bump and everyone is ok. I have been complaining about my car and considering trading it in because the cost of gas is killing me. Now I’m glad we had the Jeep. Our rear bumper will need to be replaced but the other car looked to be totaled. EN got out and called the police and dealt with the insurance and the cop came over to the car to see if we were all right. He said we’d be on our way shortly and I laughed and snapped my fingers at him and said, “Get moving, we have another recital to get to.” Thankfully he had a great sense of humor and laughed.

We got home and had about an hour to “relax” and get Spice ready for her dance recital. I dressed her, redid her hair and face and we were off. Another super-cute show. I just love watching them perform the routines they’ve worked so hard at. I’ve watched Spice do her numbers at home a thousand times and probably could have gotten up there and done them right next to her.

It’s also nice to have the rest of the family and some friends along to see the girls in their various performances. My nephew watches Sugar skate and tells me that she’s better than anyone else. My parents and EN’s mother always seem to enjoy the shows too. Spice and Payton’s favorite guy came to watch the show as well. The girls noticed him in the audience when they were on stage and were happy to see him there. Unfortunately for Ben, the evening turned sour when Spice squawked at him for trying to kiss her. Ben needs to choose a nicer girlfriend.

The girls left with my parents and EN and I headed out for Part Three of our day: another Dueling Piano show. This time we met up with a group of about 20, including my sister, Tiny Mike and their friends. The only friend I had along was Skinny Bitch and her sister. As always I worry before mixing people, but it’s really hard to not have fun at a show like this. Everyone had their game on and danced, sang and carried on like we were playing the dashboard drums and singing in the shower. I had the pleasure of sitting between Tiny Mike and Skinny Bitch for part of the night and they called each other by their nicknames.

I had met Skinny Bitch’s sister once and she seemed like a nice lady. I was stunned when this nice lady whooped it up with the best of them and knew every single word to Buckcherry’s “Crazy Bitch.” I told Skinny Bitch this morning that they are now to be called The Bitch Sisters: Skinny and Crazy.

The night was not drama-free. One guy came with both his girlfriends. One knows about the other, one does not. I stayed away from them for fear of telling him exactly what I thought of his behavior. Another in the group started hitting on some woman and wouldn’t drop it, so her husband got pissed. EN’s hockey team lost which made him very unhappy.

In all, it was an exhausting day but if I had to do it all over again, I would.

Ice Princess 

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