Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stealing Firsts

That rotten little Spice girl has ruined every first for me. She arrived early and was with us for Christmas, leaving me unprepared and lacking any cutesy “Baby’s First Christmas” items. But then she had significant weight loss issues and needed to check back into the hospital. She spent her first Christmas there. 

She ruined her first birthday party by getting crazy sick and we had to cancel. She was sick on and off so much during that time that it wasn't even worth trying to reschedule her party. Finally, on Sugar’s sixth birthday, we had an extra cake for Spice to play with.

She took her first steps and said her first words at daycare, which really is my own fault. Had I been a stay at home mom, there would be no issue here.

And now, she lost her first tooth at school.

She’s had a dangler for months. In fact, we've started calling her “Shark Girl” because two adult teeth grew in behind her baby teeth and she refused to wiggle them out of there. Then Sugar went to the dentist a few weeks ago Spice showed off her double row. The dentist told Spice she better get wiggling or they’d need to be pulled at her next appointment.

She’s been working the tooth for weeks now and she claims it makes all sorts of cracking noises when she wiggles it too far. The thought is enough to give me the willies. Over the past week she’s spent hours in front of the bathroom mirror working that baby. EN was about to pull it earlier this week but Spice chickened out.  

I picked her up from school yesterday and she greeted me with great excitement, “MY TOOTH FELL OUT TODAY.” In a sense I was glad that the first baby tooth extraction was over, but in another… I was sad that I missed out on yet another first.

She babbled on and on about wiggling the tooth in class and hearing a crunching sound and BAM the tooth flew across the floor. She immediately went to the nurse and got a fantastic necklace to put the tooth in so she wouldn't lose it. She wore that necklace with pride.

When it came time to go to bed, she decided that she didn't to give up the necklace to the Tooth Fairy, nor did she want the tooth under her pillow. She set up a little “tooth shrine” on her dresser. The tooth was placed in a plastic water bottle cap with a rolled up note, fastened with duct tape. She informed me that the Tooth Fairy was to take everything, and to leave the money on the display of porcelain teddy bears sitting next to the tooth. Since she’s quite particular, I asked exactly where the money should be left. She said, “Oh the Tooth Fairy will just pick the bear she likes the best and leave the money on top of it.”

I carefully explained this via text to the boy who was due to play Tooth Fairy last night. At 6:15 this morning, the alarm woke me and I asked, “Did you remember to be Tooth Fairy?” Of course not. He did the mad dash upstairs and made it without waking her up.

I carefully undid the note which read, “Dear Tooth Fairy, Are you real? Are you really real? If you are then you are beautiful. Love, Spice”

Spice danced down the stairs with glee this morning… It was a beautiful day because the Tooth Fairy came and proved that she really is real. 

And we experience another first that reminds me again that my babies aren't babies at all any more. 

Ice Princess

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