Friday, October 5, 2012

Picture Day

I remember Picture Day at school and being excited about it every year, until I hit junior high and got really ugly. Lots of thought and effort went into planning the outfit and hairstyle. Then we’d wait with bated breath to see how those bad boys came out and whether they were good enough to exchange with our friends.

As my girls are still pretty small, I have control over the outfit and hairstyle. They wear their “first day of school” outfit and I do their hair in the morning. This year, Sugar exerted some independence and did her own hair. I tried to insist she wear it down, but let her have her own way in the end. Nowadays we have RETAKE DAY.

It’s been a rough road getting here at times. Nearly every single year,those have been the rules. However, one year EN decided he needed to fix Spice’s hair after I left for work. I wasn't aware of this happening until I got the pictures back. What you see below is the end result of EN’s hard work. Needless to say, this never happened again.

Excuse the flash mark on the "picture of the picture." 

Spice’s day for pictures just occurred yesterday. She put on her fancy dress and I did her hair before leaving for work. I left secure knowing that my kid would look decent for her pictures. I should have realized that little turkey would try to one-up her unsuspecting mother.

I got a text from my neighbor, saying she was concerned about how her kids’ pictures would come out as they were all running around the bus stop like hooligans. I said that I was worried about Spice’s hair, but I had done it before I left. She texted back, “Do you know that she’s wearing a headband Wonder Woman style?” Are. You. Shitting. Me.

I immediately texted EN to find out what happened and he said he allowed her to wear it, but told her she had to take it off for pictures. She was concerned that her hair would look “staticy.”

When I picked her up from school, the headband was propped up on the top of her forehead with her newly cut bangs (she cut them) standing on end like a porcupine. I said, “Did you take off that headband for your pictures?” And she said, “Of course I did.”

Then she said, “At least I think I did. I can’t really remember if I did.”

I’m 99.9% sure that she knows whether or not she wore it, she just doesn't feel like telling her mother. In fact, I’m pretty sure she wore it because I said, “Well, there’s always retake day.”

She looked very sad and said, “Can’t we just wait until next year for a nice picture?”

I did not pay $46 for my kid to look like an electrocuted porcupine with a mismatched headband.

Ice Princess 


  1. But in 20 years you can pull out that photo and . . .

    1. Exactly right! The photo mentioned has arrived and is truly a gem.