Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First Grade Chatter

I really wish I had blogged when Sugar was younger. I know there were so many funny things that happened on a daily basis, and I just can’t remember everything. So Spice is luckier here, we’ll have an accurate record of some funny shit that she comes home talking about.

She was excited that she knew so many boys in her first grade class, but she didn't really know many girls. She was reunited with a girl that left kindergarten halfway through the year, but that relationship was short-lived this year.

For the past several weeks, she’s been talking about a new friend. She talks on and on about her, like we do when we meet someone new that we really like. They sit together, work together, have lunch together. Apparently, this little gal has another friend who is feeling left out. Spice told me that this girl keeps begging to play with the new friend, but the new friend just wants to play with Spice. I told Spice that she should try to include the other little girl. Spice claims to have tried that, but this little girl finally got so upset, she dragged the new friend away and said, “Is our relationship over?” Now I’m picturing first grade recess to look like a Dr. Phil show. Seriously, a first grader inquiring about relationship status?

Yesterday, Spice got into the car and said, “Keegan says he’s in love with me.” Judging by the expression on her face and her body language, I was fairly certain that she could give two shits about Keegan. So I asked how she responded. She said, “I didn't say anything. I looked straight ahead and listened to my teacher.”

Some poor six-year-old boy musters up the courage to tell my girl he’s in love with her and she ignores him?

She went on to describe how he always tries to sit next to her at story time, at lunch and center time. Of course if there’s no room for him, my kind, sweet girl tells him to move along. She also claims that he’s always looking at her. I asked what she meant and she imitated the face next to the word “dumbfounded” in the dictionary.

I honestly cannot get enough of the first grade gossip. These little pipsqueaks are hilarious. I asked her if he tries talking to her when she follows her around…

Spice: Oh yeah, he keeps saying he’s so in love with me and will I go out with him.
Me: Oh! What did you say when he asked you that?
Spice: I told him I had to ask my mother first.
Me: The answer is NO!

I guess I could be freaking out about the mature level of conversation going on these days. However, way back in the recesses of my dusty old brain, I remember first grade, and I remember having crushes here and there. First grade is an entirely new experience. For years these kids have been waiting to go to “big kid school” and now they have arrived! Many of them have older siblings so I’m sure that’s where they pick up some of these behaviors. Or maybe it’s that their mothers watched too much Jerry Springer when they were toddlers?

In any case, I laugh inside while outside I keep trying to come up with the right words that will keep the lines of communication open. Someday, in the not too distant future, these conversations will have a much deeper meaning. 

Ice Princess

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