Friday, August 31, 2012

Six Year Old + Scissors

I prematurely patted myself on the back. I thought I was going to make it through child rearing without anyone giving themselves a haircut. Spice once accidently hacked off a chunk from the back of her hair while doing an art project, but she has so much hair that it really wasn’t a big deal.

I met the girls at my mom’s on Tuesday after work. I brought pizza so we sat down to have dinner and I thought something looked funny about Spice. I asked if she had cut her hair and she first tried to deny it. So I pointed out that her bangs (which she never had before) were sticking straight up. She tried to pat them down and admitted she cut her hair.

Me: Why did you cut your hair?
Spice: Because it was hanging in my face.
Me: Why didn’t you just push it back?
Spice: Because I had scissors.

Normally I’m a fast thinker and can come back with something… but that? I had no words. I guess in her six-year-old little head, it made perfect sense to use scissors because they were readily available. I told her that in the future she should tuck her hair back or put a headband on, but cutting her own hair just isn’t ok.

So she’ll start first grade with rooster hair. Every time EN and I look at her we hold our fingers in front of our foreheads, mimicking her bangs and we yell, “COCK A DOODLE DOOO!” and she laughs. Yesterday she couldn’t stop laughing when I called her Spike.

We got back-to-school haircuts yesterday. Sugar wants hers to grow out to she just had the ends trimmed. Spice had hair down to her behind and she requested that it get cut “up to her boobs” for first grade. It pained me greatly to watch 5 ½ inches of hair pile up on the floor. I know she wanted to go even shorter, but my heart couldn’t take it.Sugar asked our friend the stylist, "Aren't you going to fix her bangs?" and our friend said, "There's no fixing that!"

Spice's "boob length" haircut. If you look really close,
you can see her spiky bangs sticking straight up in the front.

This morning she ran her fingers through her hair, marveling at how short it is now, then she ruffled her bangs… I don’t think she meant to speak out loud… “Maybe they just need to be shorter.”

Scissors are now considered contraband at the castle. 

Ice Princess

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