Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Best First Day Ever

After weeks of shopping for clothes, supplies, lunch boxes and backpacks, the first day of school is finally arrived today. Ok, I lied… I didn’t spend WEEKS shopping for supplies and lunch boxes… I did that last week, when we finally got the supply list from Sugar’s teachers.

Let’s take a moment to discuss school supplies. It’s impossible to shop when school supplies are well stocked, because you haven’t yet received the list from the teachers. There are a thousand variations to binders, notebooks, pencils even. I know my luck. I will buy everything I think they’ll need and promptly lose the receipt. Then the school supply list will come out, and wouldn’t you know, everything I bought was WRONG and now can’t even be returned because the receipt is long gone.

And because I’m ridiculous in my way of thinking, I couldn’t buy lunch boxes or backpacks until we school supply shop either. Everything must be done at once. Why? Because that’s what makes sense in my world. Fast forward past the thousands of lunch boxes and backpacks we saw displayed over the summer to last Friday when I was finally willing to buy such items, and you’ll witness me shopping at four stores with Sugar and Spice in tow and NO DECENT LUNCH BOXES! No decent lunch boxes because they wanted the freakin’ PackIt lunch boxes they saw infomercials for all summer and Target was sold out. I know. A nice mother would have bought them via the infomercial and paid the exorbitant shipping costs. I know, I know…

Last night I was giddy with excitement to get back into the routine of regular bathing (regular pool swimming negates the need for a bath. Chlorine kills), bed times, etc. I nearly sang and danced through bathing Spice and following our regular bedtime routine. This is the first year that they are both in school full-time and since there is a 4 ½ year age difference, I am trying different bed times for them. Spice was tucked in at 8:00 and I told Sugar lights out at 8:30. They were so excited that bedtime was without issue. I’m smart enough to know that won’t continue.

We were up early and attempted our new routine. It was made somewhat easier by the fact that I worked from home today so I didn’t have to get myself ready. Aside from nearly forgetting to feed Sugar breakfast and having Spice taste test “chewy” (her word for it) milk, I think things ran pretty smoothly. Oh, then I realized after the bus left that I didn’t kiss Sugar goodbye. What kind of mother am I?

We headed off to see Spice get off the bus at her new school. Her school used to do a big “First Grade Parade,” and it wasn’t until last night that I found out they no longer do this but still invite the parents to see their first graders new classroom. Spice jumped off the bus and we went to her classroom. It was only afterwards, when I looked at pictures of her getting off the bus that I saw the anxiety all over her face. I wish I would have noticed it immediately, because then I wouldn’t have been so surprised by her behavior in her classroom.

Girl grabbed onto Mama and did not let go. I tried to lead her to the circle where the other kids were sitting, but she was having none of that. She clung to my hand and didn’t want to do much of anything for a few minutes. Her teacher noticed and said that she was about to sit down but had a special spot right next to her. BINGO. We stayed until the principal came onto the intercom and politely told the parents it was time to get the hell out.

We left and I was surprised I didn’t cry. It’s not that I wasn’t sad that my baby was in first grade, I definitely was sad seeing her off. I guess it had more to do with holding my own shit together so she didn’t see me upset. I can’t imagine that me bawling in front of her class would have helped her let go of my hand and join her classmates.

And EN says, “Wow I got a little choked up there.” WHAT? Why? Before we left Spice at the school, it never really hit home with him that for the first time in years, he was without someone to hang out with in the mornings. Since he works 3-11, he’s always kept the girls with him as long as he could… until they started “big kid” school versus daycare. Thankfully the daycare we used was pretty lax about letting the girls come in a little later even though most of their academic stuff was done in the morning. For the foreseeable future, EN now has mornings completely to himself. I’m sure MUCH will be accomplished.

I spent the day working from home, wondering if Spice got into the swing of things… Wondering if Sugar was sad that I didn’t kiss her good-bye, and suddenly the phone was ringing. It was Spice’s school. Despite the endless forms I filled out, there was some confusion regarding how Spice was getting home. I heard the story second-hand, from the secretary of the school. All I pictured was Spice arguing with them, hooting and hollering with her hand on her hip, telling them exactly what she needed to do. I was happy to get the “first call” out of the way on the first day. I immediately emailed her teacher to reiterate our schedule and to ensure that Spice had a good day and to make sure she hadn’t gotten irate discussing her transportation home.

This is part of the response I received from her teacher:

Hi Ice Princess,

It was nice seeing you today too. Thank you so much for coming and making Spice's first day extra special!

I know you realize that Spice will need a note if anything changes other than this schedule we have on file. Just pop a note in her homework folder for me, so will know in the morning and can give the note to the office. As always, if there is a change during the day that happens after Spice is here, just call the office and they will be sure to get that information to me and Spice at the end of the day.

I was so proud of Spice today. Absolutely no problems at all all day. And, I applaud her because she was the one who spoke up at dismissal when I told her she was going to the after school program she politely said, no not today, I think my mom will be picking me up today. She is so sweet!  She did not seem confused or dramatic at all, just said what she knew was right, what you had told her! She is just adorable!

Feel free to e mail me anytime. I don't look at it as being "high maintenance" ! I would never want a question to go unanswered.

Have a wonderful first night of first grade! See you tomorrow Spice.

Mrs. B

A few points:
  1. Yes, she is this nice in person.
  2. Pretty too.
  4. My kid has her snowed. 

Both girls called this the “Best First Day Ever.” I’m hopeful we’ll have a fantastical school year. 

Ice Princess

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