Friday, February 24, 2012

Week Off with No Agenda

I decided just this week to ask for next week off to join EN and the girls on their vacation week. I'm still working on that "being spontaneous" thing...

The last day of work is always slow. It’s been “almost 2:00” for hours now. I am quite pleased to have next week off with no real plans or things to do-besides setting up my kitchen when it’s done. The last few vacations have involved travel, moving or holidays, so I really hope that we can relax, just a little bit even.

I’m smart enough to realize that we can’t spend the entire week at home. Two little girls would torture each other (and their parents) into slow painful deaths. Our first priority will be to get all the Girl Scout cookies shipped out, and get the house in order. After that, I’m hoping we can go to the movies, maybe do something crafty-I’m sure painting rocks will be the first item on Spice’s agenda… who does that? With the weather we’ve been having, I’m sure we’ll roller blade too.

This weekend we’ll start off with the girls going to my parents because they are finally tiling my kitchen floor. The cabinet that was shipped to replace the damaged cabinet is due to arrive next week. Potentially, in one week’s time, I could have a fully functioning kitchen with electricity and appliances and everything! I haven’t had a refrigerator on the main floor of the house since we moved!  The excitement over these things happening prompted a conversation between Sugar and I this morning about what we should cook first. I expected to hear cookies, cupcakes, brownies… something sweet. No, she’s dying for tuna casserole. Of all the things I’ve ever made for her, that’s what she misses the most?

One of the packages we need to send out is going to our newly adopted soldier. I adopted through the same organization ( and told them we’d like to have a male soldier this time, just to change it up. First, it turns out our guy grew up in the town next to ours. Second, his wish list is quite different than anything our Soldier Girls ever asked for… candy, hunting and fishing magazines, Little Debbie snacks, cookies… No more requests for soap and shampoo that smell yummy! It’s also different to exchange email with a male vs. female. Girls can always find stuff to talk about. Guys are less wordy. I can send him six paragraphs of questions and he’ll answer with one short paragraph.. but all my questions are answered and he’s said a few things on his own too. I guess it must be weird to hear from a stranger from back home. I will also say he is much more vocal about his wish list. The girls always said they didn’t care what was sent, which left me to my own devices. Selfishly, this is always a fun process for me, as I’m chatting with people that I normally would not meet.

Let’s hope for good weather, good times with fun friends and a completed kitchen! I’ll have to find something new to complain about!

Ice Princess

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