Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mad Shop for Bedding

EN and I have slept in the same crappy bed for nine years. I don’t remember it being crappy when we bought it. In fact, I thought it was pretty comfortable. Fast forward to now and every morning we wake up in agony. If I make the mistake of sleeping on my stomach, I nearly cry when I try to move. Thankfully no one else is awake to watch that show. I simply thought we were getting old.

Last December when I visited Shannon she and I slept in her king-sized bed and I woke up every morning feeling fabulous. Perhaps EN was right and we do need another mattress. We also considered upgrading from queen-sized to king, but our bedroom was really too narrow to accommodate it.

Now that we’re moving, it seems like the perfect time to buy a bed. After comparing prices, I figured out that prices are pretty much the same from place to place. I bought it at the shop offering great financing. They even let me pick out my own delivery date and time. No more being at the mercy of the store. I liked that. We also have a 21-day warranty, so if EN decides this bed isn’t right for him, they’ll come back and take it away. Perhaps I’ll just have him taken away instead. We’ll see.

This means I have to shop for new bedding now too, because nothing will fit. Since I am OCD and hate change, it’s been years since I bought bedding even. I have one favorite set of sheets, blanket and quilt. I wash them regularly and put them back on the bed. I believe we bought all of that three or so years ago. Yes, it’s looking a little shabby.

I thought this would be a simple procedure: enter store, make selection, pay for selection. I figured I’d go right to the store that I shopped at three years ago and have similar luck. Unfortunately, they had nothing plus I had a husband and children with me so that added to the stress level. It’s only proper to mention here that when buying bedding, EN turns back into Feminine JJ and likes to be in on the decision. Therefore, I let him come along to feel whether the stuff is soft enough for his royalness.

I really didn’t think I was too picky. I wanted something that was soft but not silky (don’t want to fall out of bed). I wanted something pretty, but not too printy. It could be light, but not too white. It couldn’t be too green and it couldn’t be ugly. Somehow I managed to make it through six stores and a gazillion websites and only found a down thingie, which needs a cover, and a mattress pad. Go me.

So today I’m in a terrible mood about stuff that is a blog post in itself. I’m also feeling that last minute fire. We are moving to the new house this weekend, bed being delivered Friday. If I don’t get sheets soon, I won’t have time to wash them first and my German mother says you have to wash sheets before using them. And the former owners stole the dryer plug and laundry pump from the basement, so I won’t be able to do laundry at the new house for a while. Do y’all see why I’m crazy now?

I ran out during lunch today to the last store I could think of that would have a decent selection. They had loads and loads of bedding, and still nothing. I found a few comforter sets that I could have bought, but then would have to return the down thing… who needs another errand?

Finally, I find a set of sheets that is a nice blue color. I stomped back over to the section that had all the duvet covers (if these damn things go over a down thingie, why don’t they just call the down thingies “duvets”?) to see if I could find something that matched. I came across a set that I hadn’t noticed in the store before but had seen online. I scooped up the duvet cover and a set of sheets and tried to open them to make sure they would pass EN’s “feel test.” This should have been my first clue that something was amiss. Why would they lock up bedding? Because that’s the good shit, that’s why.

Twilight Duvet Cover Set
Pretty, soft, not to printy or too plain.

Still not paying attention, I brought my goods to the Customer Service Desk and asked for the pretty packages to be unlocked and felt up the sheets and the duvet cover. Heavenly…. I’ll take them! The girl rang them up, I swiped my card and I was out of there… without looking at prices of anything.

It wasn’t until I emailed Fly Girl a picture of the bedding that I realized what I had done. Scratch that, Fly Girl said, “Oh, the price of those sheets made my stomach hurt a little.” Huh? Oh holy SHIT! This is what I get for shopping at the last minute and shopping while pissed. After all that work, I’m NOT bringing that stuff back, I don’t care how much it cost.

At least I remembered to use the fucking coupon. 

Ice Princess

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