Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fifth Grade Sweet Talk

I can think back over Sugar’s school career and tie every year to a boy she’s had a mad crush on. Of course she’s still little so the crush was more like, “I think Cameron is super cute.” Sometimes the crush would be reciprocated and I would see funny interactions, like phone calls to the house so they could link up on some game website and play together via computer. Another time we were at a school event and the previously mentioned Cameron came up to Sugar, called her Miss Giggles, pushed her and ran away. His horrified father chased after him yelling at him to not push girls. Miss Giggles and I just stood there… giggling.

In second grade, a new boy started in Sugar’s class and she was instantly smitten. She always talked about how nice Curtis was. This cute little crush went bad when another girl got involved and wanted him for her very own. There was a big Dancing with the Stars competition and Anna asked Curtis to be her partner. I guess Curtis wasn’t overly interested, because he asked Sugar to be his partner and she said yes. Fast forward to the Brownie meeting when Anna finds out that Sugar will be dancing with Curtis and it all goes to hell in a hand basket. This would be the first (yes, there have been more) Brownie meeting where I’ve arrived to pick her up and found her in tears. Apparently, Anna was ready to fight to see who would dance with Curtis. Curtis however, had decided he wanted to dance with Sugar and that was that.

I haven’t heard much about Curtis over the last few years, but he has suddenly resurfaced. Our conversation went something like this:

Sugar: I think Curtis likes me.
Me: Curtis M?!?! From second grade?
Sugar: Yeah, him. He’s in my class this year.
Me: Well maybe he remembers that you liked him in second grade.
Sugar: What took him so long?
Me: Some boys are slow to catch up.

We laughed and I asked her exactly what happened at school. She told me that he talks to her all the time and said, “Can you tell me when you go skating next? I would love to come see you.” Also last week he told her that he heard she was moving and was really glad she’d still be in the same school because he’d miss her if she wasn’t.

My cold mean heart melted just a teensy bit over these comments. I am teary-eyed at the innocence and sweetness of their exchanges. I asked her yesterday if he had talked to her this week and she said, “No but he still likes me.” I asked how she knew and she said that he looks at her when they’re in class. I wanted to say, “Well you must be looking at him then too” but every once in a while I know when to shut up.

We talked a little about boyfriends and girlfriends and whether boys and girls ever even talk to each other in school. I asked mostly because every time I ask who she has lunch with, she lists off a bunch of girls’ names. I asked if girls ever sat with boys and she said, “When they’re boyfriend/girlfriend.” I am not sure what exactly happens to make that Official.

Believe me, I’m not in any rush to see my baby girl “have a steady boyfriend.” I simply think it’s cute that they notice each other and now instead of pushing and name calling, actually do things like compliment the person they like.

I’m also glad that this is happening now, while my girl still speaks to me. I’m positive that in about a year and a half, she’ll wake up one morning believing I’m the stupidest person she’s ever met… and will continue to believe that for the next ten years. 

Ice Princess

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