Friday, September 9, 2011

Details from a Five Year Old

This post is not meant to offend anyone who is really short, or who has a big head, or anyone who loves someone who is really short or has a big head... I just found the details that Spice shared to be somewhat amusing... 

So far, Spice has proclaimed the each of the two days of school she has attended as, “The best day ever.” Sugar is also excited about her school day. She gets to have lunch with anyone she wants, she adores her teachers, and she’s making some new friends.

When Sugar talks about her day, I understand what’s going on. She’s clear on details and answers questions. When Spice talks, I’m confused. She’s ambiguous on detail and doesn’t know anyone’s name. Some of her stories show “great imagination.” Is what she is saying fact, fiction or a combination of the two? In addition, she can’t tell time, so her stories about 5 minute snack time not being long enough may not be true. She claims that she is unable to eat the healthy snack because she only has time to eat her Cheezits. How about no more Cheezits?

After her first day of school I asked her about friends, was there anyone she knew in her class? She said no but she really liked a girl that, “looks like Avery but has a bigger head.” I was dying to ask, “Way big or just a little bit big?” However, I know my Spice well enough to know that she’d go into school the next day and mention the size of the girls head. I am still really curious though.

Yesterday, when I got home from work, I asked her how the big-headed girl was. She said that she didn’t play with her because she was busy playing with the little girl.

Me: Little girl like you?
Spice: No, she’s littler.
Me: How little is she?
Spice held her hand about a foot off the floor and said, “About this big.”

Now I’m really curious about who my girl is going to school with. When I brought her on Tuesday, I didn’t notice anyone with a huge head, nor did I notice anyone a foot tall. In turn, I wonder what the other kids are saying about Spice… “There’s a crazy little girl in my class that has really long hair and wears tutus every day. And she’s been to South Carolina.”

How do they know she’s been to South Carolina, you wonder? Apparently, they went around the room on the first day and introduced themselves. Everyone else said their name. Spice said, “My name is Spice and I’ve been to South Carolina.” I just found that to be a strange detail to add on to her introduction. Of all the details she could have given about herself, why choose that one thing? And why add details when you only have to give your name?

An interesting class this teacher has: Big Head Little Girl, Foot Tall Little Girl, and South Carolina Little Girl.  Stories like these also make me a little sad. I remember when Sugar was this little, she would tell similar stories. I wish I had blogged back then. 

Ice Princess

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