Wednesday, March 13, 2013

EN Hosts a Play Date

Yesterday the girls had the day off due to an election in our town. Back in the olden days when I was in school, we had to go anyway but now they call it a “Teacher Service Day” or something like that. Regardless, it was a day off for the little chicks, they weren't going to argue.

On Monday night I was chatting with another mother and she said that her twins would really like to come over and hang out with Sugar for a bit on Tuesday. I told her that I would be working but EN would be home. I couldn't imagine that EN would EVER go for having four girls run around the house under his watch, but he agreed to host them for a few hours.

I was stunned and used the situation to my advantage: please straighten the house before they arrive.

As is always the case when one has a play date and the other does not, we were worried about how Spice would behave. The age difference is pretty significant and most ‘cool’ tweenies don’t want much to do with a first grader who thinks burps are hilarious. EN and I texted back and forth about things he could do to keep her from annoying them.  I told him there was a simple cake mix in the cabinet and he said, “I’m not baking a fucking cake.”

My phone was completely quiet for a long time. And then this text, “We were all outside playing street hockey.” We all? Meaning him and Spice too? Why, yes. Apparently when the mother is not at home and there is company, we all find a way to get along. There was no crying, screaming or fighting and everyone, including THE FATHER, played together.

The next text, “Now we are on to English Muffin Pizzas.” I was starting to think that alien beings had taken over my family.

A little while later, the twins’ mom texted to let me know she had picked her girls up and said, “Awesome play date parent. Thank God he was home and not you. LOL” As it turned out, she arrived right after EN’s gourmet pizzas came out of the oven. Since the pizzas were so awesome, the girls asked if they could take some to go. Between bites on the way home, the girls raved about what a wonderful time they had with my people. 

Once I was out of work I talked to my own kids about this play date and these marvelous pizzas. They told me without even thinking twice, “Daddy was more fun and makes better pizzas than you do. Plus he made us lemonade.”

Are we kidding? I’ve been the primary parent for years as EN has almost always worked second shift. Now I’m getting voted off the island because he plays street hockey and makes better English Muffin Pizzas?

I host play dates and whip up dinners, desserts, snacks and lemonade in my sleep. EN hosts a play date ONCE and everyone’s ready to throw a parade for him?


While that parade is going on, I’ll be headed to Aruba for a little Mommy Vacation. No one will miss me until they need help finding their crap. 

Ice Princess


  1. So now you know, let him handle things and stop worrying.

  2. Absolutely correct. And I did find out why his pizzas were better... he cuts the pepperoni into itty bitty pieces. Who knew?