Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rely on Potty Humor for a Laugh

Because I am in a bad place and I have nothing but bad things to say, I will share a funny kid story. On Sunday, I was sitting out on the porch and the girls were with me along with a friend from down the street. This friend just so happens to share the same name as Spice, so we’ll call her Spicier.

It went down something like this:

Me: So it was nice that Maddy came back around on Friday.
Sugar: Yeah, she was better than the last time she was here. She threw that toilet paper right in the toilet!
Me: Well it could have been worse, I could have made you use the wet toilet paper.
Sugar: That’s gross!! You know what goes in a toilet? I crapped in there this morning!
Spicier: Oh, not me. I only crap on Fridays.

I laugh every time I think about this exchange. I laughed as I typed it and I laughed again as I reread it. Nothing like stupid potty humor to pull me out of the family melodrama I’m wallowing in.

I’ll be back soon… I’ve worked hard to reach TWELVE WHOLE FOLLOWERS. I’ll try to bring back the hot mess y’all are used to in the near future.

Ice Princess

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