Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Working Kitchen

For the first time in four months, I have a house with a refrigerator on the main floor. This means no more running to the basement to get what I need. The fridge was finally put in yesterday, so I have a ROOM full of working appliances: stovetop, oven, dishwasher and fridge.

Yesterday, they also installed the last of the upper cabinets and started on the crown molding. There had been a bit of a contest between Little Joey and me. I said that I wouldn’t put anything in the cabinets until the knobs were installed. I didn’t want to get wood shavings from drilling all over my stuff. Joey thought I would break down, but I stayed strong and didn’t put anything in a single cabinet. He finished his day yesterday by getting most of the knobs on.

Since we had a town vote yesterday, I was home with the girls all day and got to watch the progress. Finally around 4:30, they packed up and left. The girls were off with their friends so I started cleaning up the cabinets… I dusted them all and wiped them down, spring cleaning if you will. I started to fall a little bit in love with my new cabinetry.

The girls still weren’t home, so I started moving dishes in. These cabinets are different than what I had before and the layout is completely different too. I puttered and rearranged until the girls came home. Then we ran out to vote and had to come home to get them bathed and ready for bed, so I was sidetracked from my project until about 9 pm.

Even though I encountered all these interruptions, I still thought I could get everything done in a reasonable fashion. I carried boxes up from the basement and unpacked and rearranged for hours. I lost much time debating on the drawers under the stovetop… I wanted to put pots and pans in them… I use pots more than lids, so they should go in the top drawer, right? Oh, wait a minute, lids go ON TOP of pots, so they should be on top, right? And I wonder where Spice got her OCD from? Does anyone get lost in the stupid details as I do?

I was starting to fall out of love with the kitchen. It felt different. I still loved the cabinets I chose and the height of the upper cabinets… but my stuff wasn’t fitting into my kitchen like it did at the old house. The drawer for the silverware isn’t located next to a drawer where I could house small items like measuring cups and spoons, can opener, etc and those things NEED TO GO TOGETHER. Can you see me standing there like Rainman, THE SPOONS MUST GO NEXT TO THE SERVING SPOONS. Dear God, I have lost my ever-lovin' mind.

And now, it’s midnight and my kitchen isn’t done. WHAT? I wanted to do this ALL in ONE night. It should have all just fallen into place. The damn spoons should have jumped into the damn drawer by themselves.

Just when I was starting to finally feel settled in a house that was starting to look like mine, I’m unsettled again. I’m mystified seeing my items in this kitchen that just couldn’t be mine… So I woke up frustrated today. All day I’ve been bothered that things just didn’t feel right. I whined about this to Ultra and she said the following:

"At the risk of sounding like a debbie-downer, I don’t think everything is supposed to fit immediately.  A home vs. a house, takes a bit to create.  Be patient… It will all come together in due time."

Words of wisdom from a bleeding heart liberal.

I’m impressed. 

Ice Princess

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